• North Springs has 2 tennis courts for residents to use. One court also has pickle ball lines.

  • Volunteer Park is available to all residents to relax and kids to play

  • View of the Gazebo on the Island

  • Path to the island on Lake Napier

  • The North Springs Lake and Island

  • Trees line every street

  • A quiet neighborhood

  • North Springs yards are full of color in the spring!

  • Beautiful sunsets on our North Springs lake.


North Springs Board Members

President: Catherine Woods
Vice-President: John Coynor
Treasurer: Corinne Jimenez
Assistant Treasusrer: Ron Paull
Secretary: Danielle Terrell
At Large Member: Kevin Fernald
At Large Member: Doug Fender

North Springs Activity Leaders

Activities: Emily Hancock
Architectural: Greg Illchuk
Lake: Lynn Verzwyvelt
Tennis Courts: Phillip L. Latham
Welcome: Kimberly Livoti
Ripples Delivery: Sheryl Schleicher
Beautification: Tricia Jusino
Website: Don Titus
Property Management: Reimagine Property Management